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Hi, my name is Mike Prochaska and I am an addict……a Starbucks addict to be exact! Being an avid customer at Starbucks, I know more than I probably should know about coffee. It started with a few trips here and there, and eventually developed into a full-blown habit. I visit my local Starbucks every morning to get a nice hot cup of energy before starting my day. I prefer a tall size of the regular house blend coffee, but on rough mornings I take a step on the wild side and go with the bold! This paper will discuss the management and leadership of one of the most successful coffee businesses in the world….Starbucks.

Management and leadership sound as if they go together, but they actually serve two different purposes and responsibilities in an organization. Management is a position of authority, they tell what needs to be done, and make sure that they are done correctly and in a timely manner.

A successful manager must be able to plan, delegate, organize measure, and control both the task and their employees.

Leadership is a quality unlike management because not just anyone can be a leader. A leader is someone who can take charge, and lead a team or organization to victory. A manager can hold an important position, but that position can be trained for. Some people make good leaders because of their personality. They are inspiring to others and focused on organizing, and not afraid to fail. They are positive thinkers and enjoy taking the reins.

Despite their differences, Management and leadership work together hand in hand to make an organization successful. At Starbucks the employees, managers, and executives who think of ways to give back to the community, create new plans for the organization, and encourage others to take...