The Starry Night in detail, that is, the history of its creation, the description of the painting and why it is considered to be the most famous picture by Van Gogh.

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Vincent Van Gogh and his "Starry Night"


A world-famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh created various wonderful paintings that are extremely precious and well-known nowadays. That is why it is difficult to believe that he was unknown poor painter, and his contemporaries didn't really like his works. Only after Gogh's death his paintings were suddenly appreciated by artists and specialists, and he was called one of the best painters of all the times and a true genuine. The Starry Night is considered his most famous paintings and one of the most significant art masterpieces of the 19th century.

Painter's background

Painting has always been the reflection of a painter's vision, his own style and skills; all these factors were influenced by the epoch, events, country's traditions and an environment in which an artist created his masterpieces. Vincent Van Gogh's life was not long: he committed suicide at the age of 47, though he managed to depict truly unforgettable images in his paintings.

As a young boy, he left school at the age of fifteen, because he dreamt to be an artist. Vincent made up his mind to go to England and had been working as a seller of paintings for several years. Then he changed a few jobs, travelling all over Europe until the future artist went to Brussels to learn professional art.

For about ten years Van Gogh created innumerable paintings, though he sold only one picture during his life. So, it's no wonder that he suffered a lot of hardships, including brain problems. As a result, he was put to a mental hospital, where he lived almost until his death and where he created one of his best works - The Starry Night. Van Gogh worked as a painter for a short period of 10 years, however,