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According to the statistical report of the RBI the CRR and the SLR ratios had the following effect on the lending performances of the following banks during the last six years.

Year 2007:

CRR at 7.5% & SLR at 25%

From January 6, 2007 to November 10, 2007 the market had to deal with the excessively fluctuating CRR ratio. Even though the SLR had seen a slight change it the rate still the ups & downs of the CRR rate from 5.50% to an increased rate of 7.5% in the ending months had affected the previous lending capacity of the banks.

State Bank Of India

The trust worthy name of the bank and the mighty business volume of the bank had enabled the bank to maintain its lending performance at an increased rate throughout the year without many efforts to be made.

Punjab National Bank

PNB had seen an increase in the total expenditure it made for itself; the income earned by it was comparatively less as per the expenditure was made.

This could not enable the bank to make the lending procedures better.

Bank Of Baroda

Bank of Baroda had shown a tremendous increase in its business volume during the last 10 years, in the domestic region as well as international regions too. Though the bank had made a mere profit of Rs.10246 cr.; the bank had a stable lending performance during the year.

Allahabad Bank

The bank was comparatively small in business size as compared to other banks. Though the bank was witnessing an average increase in the business deposits it had every year still the bank could not be mentioned as creating a new effort for more credit creation.

Central Bank Of India

The bank was left behind in the competing race with other nationalised banks and...