The Status of "Pinoy Rock" Abroad

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Eraserheads, Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Cheese, Chico Sci, Sandwich, Wolfgang. These are some of the best rock bands the Philippines has to offer, people support them, buy their products, and go to their concerts. But how about the people in the other countries? Sure, Filipinos went to the P.O.D. concert, tried to go to the Slipknot concert even though they cancelled their show here in the Philippines, but do foreigners go to Pinoy rock concerts abroad? Do Americans get copies of "Cutterpillow" by the Eraserheads? And do Filipinos have a fighting chance in the international market?

This paper will show, a) what the status of Pinoy Rock abroad is, b) If Pinoy rock sells as many albums abroad compared to only the Philippines, and c) if Filipinos have a fighting chance in the international music industry. This paper will show that Pinoy rock definitely has a chance abroad.

Filipinos do not tend to have originality, in TV shows, movies, fashion, and what is popular.

Pinoy rock is an exception; it is something truly "Pinoy". Pinoy rock all started with the "Juan De La Cruz band (JDLC)" composed of four music icons: Wally Gonzales, the axeman

Servando 2 (guitarist), Mike Hanopol on bass, Pepe Smith, also an axeman and the late Raymund "Bosyo" Fortuno in drums. (Pascua)

Their band name is derived from the typical Filipino folk and their music is very, very, nationalistic in a way that they promote the country in their songs such as "Mamasyal sa Pilipinas" and "Divisoria."

Hippie sound as they say in their time but their music and songs are still the influence of some modern and starting bands of today. Their music depicts the everyday life of Filipinos. Cultural, political and economic status of the Philippines then is their main subject in creating their music. After...