Stephen Hawkings

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Just think that you were the smartest kid in your class, that you could answer questions in hours which others cannot complete in weeks.

But then you get this horrible disease that will effect you very badly.

We if you are Stephen Hawking then this happened to you. The Biography was on the book Stephen Hawking - Solving The Mysteries of the Universe, written by Ron Cole.

This biography is about Stephen Hawking and how he accomplished so many hardships he went through but his determination kept him going on to finding out major mysteries. Even though he can only talk through a computer and move on a wheelchair. So he had to have lots of determination to continue.

When Stephen Hawking was in college he was struck with a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (AIS)! AIS is a disease that destroys the nerves that carry messages from the brain to the muscles that cause the body's voluntary movements.

At first Stephen's muscles became weak. But then he lost all movement except for his eyes. So he has been living through the power of his mind. So he now talks through a computer.

This book was interesting and I liked reading about Stephen Hawking because he is so smart and interesting.