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March 21, 2002 Interpersonal Communications It is pretty much accepted that in society there are many stereo types. These are often looked at as a bad thing. Especially in the society we live in today. We could not function well as a nation if we were to abide by every little generalization that came along for each particular group of people. It is a popular idea that we as a people were all created equal. And with enough hard work and determination any stereotype can be easily overcome. Throughout history this has been proven time and time again. However, it can reasonably assumed that we as a people are not created equal. Though it may not be a popular ideal, it can not be ignored that there are gender differences that go beyond just mere coincidence or societal pigeon holing. Scientific evidence seems to point to it.

In the popular parenting magazine "Washington Parent" it is clearly expressed that gender differences seem to be able to be molded substantially at an early age.

Basically it is the classic nature vs. nurture argument. But in what seems to be a more politically correct point of view it seems that it takes the stance that children are taught gender differences more so than they are genetically inherent. The article clearly illustrates that gender differences are stereotypes that are forced on to youth through the persuasiveness of the parent.

The article mentions that "boys and girls are given different toys and are subject to different environments based on gender." As with most areas of development children grow and learn comparing their internal ideas with that of their surroundings. (Scheuermann 2) The entire article is solely based on the environment that a child grows up in and gives no credit to natural gender differences...