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People around this world have had different culture and religion, they have lived in variations of societies, they had been classified differently and thus people have different beliefs and feelings for each other. A standardized conception or image of specific group, persons or object is known as stereotype. It is the mental picture of a group or individuals who share certain characteristics. Stereotype tends to be a natural human function through which beliefs and values are expressed. Number of characteristics are possessed by stereotypes, they have some positive aspects and some negative, they are used in vast number places and they are stuck within certain people.

Racial stereotype is one of the major types of it. It involves race discrimination and support. More and more news are heard in the global society relating to racial discrimination. American and African American race, Hindu and Muslim race are some of the examples we know about racial stereotype.

African-Americans are stereotyped as physically powerful, unclean, unintelligent and superstitious, musically talented and excellent lovers, lazy and emotional

Stereotype relating to gender is another type. Gender discrimination through its stereotype that girls are inferior to boys and they should be glued to house work only and professionalism do not match with girls.

Religion stereotype is another one whereby people fuse discriminative stereotypes within each other eventually giving out devastating results. For instance, the historical fight between

In arts and literature, clichés are used as a method of stereotyping certain characters and dialogues. There tend to be certain clear characteristics of stereotypes. They are simply described in one to two sentences, they are acquired from second hand person or from others thoughts and views, they are always erroneous and false and they are resistant to change.

Stereotypes are normally found in the world of drama and...