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The aim of this paper is not to give an outright answer to the term 'stigma'. Firstly we have to try and define stigma.Using Goffman's definition we can examine the three types of Stigma that exists.However for the purpose of this paper we shall discuss only two of the types defined.In using the word stigma and examining it's Greek historical text we must also examine a derivative of the word stigma and that is 'stigmata'.Although heavy in it's religious tone, in order to gain an understanding to the question set.Are these signs of God self induced or is there any evidence to support the theory of stigmata. Indeed in recent times there have been moves to make Padre Pio a Saint because of this phenomenon.

Therefore we have to examine this form of stigma in order to measure if there is any impact on Goffman's three definitions of stigma.

Goffman argues that there are three types of stigma abominations of the body, blemishes and physical stigma (Goffman,1990).With reference to an abomination of the body this paper shall examine 'Anorexia Nervosa'This of form illness displays itself for all to see however the real turmoil is in the inside of the body.Indeed are there links between anorexia and sexual abuse.Hepwoth argue that there is a lack of control of ones body.Is anorexia incurable or is it an illness that some people have to learn to live with ?Secondly 'blemishes'AIDS and H.I.V.can carry all forms of stigma and predjudice.But why ?If we discuss these two forms of stigma we can then move forward and discuss a conclusion to the question set about stigma.Goffman argues that in society there are those amongst us who are the wise and...