"Stomping Out a Dread Scourge" by Barbara Ehrenreich- a commentary

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From the anthology, "A Closer Look", we get a taste of writing from many modern authors. From the numerous essays, one of the essays that I liked best was "Stomping Out a Dread Scourge" by Barbara Ehrenreich. This is my favorite essay, because the author truly confronts its topic directly without reserves.

"Once we understand that small breasts are a "disease," it's easier to see why Dow Corning and others rushed so breathlessly to get their implants onto the market" (Ehrenreich 154). I like this essay because the author precisely expressed herself in her writing, unlike some other authors, Enhrenreich just say what she wants to say. As we can see from the quote, the words that she uses are precise, yet truly expressed her inner thoughts. In addition, Barbara Ehrenreich's writing has "an abiding class-conscious view of American society" (Dobrin Bawarshi 147), her writings reveal the everyday American society.

From A Closer Look, one of the essays that I liked least is "The Women's Movement" by Joan Didion. This is my least favorite essay because she mocks the issue 'feminist movement.' Her standing point in that essay truly contrasts my beliefs.

For years, women are fighting for their rights. They strive to be equal and be viewed equally in society. However, Didion is truly against the women's movements. Her response to the feminist theorist Shulamith Firestone's statement "It is the second wave of the most important revolution is history" was "this was scarcely a statement of purpose anyone could fine cryptic, and it was scarcely the only statement of its kind in the literature movement" (Didion 85). I disagree with her comment on the feminist movement, since I strictly believe women should fight for their rights. There is no better way for women to fight for their...