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The History and Development of Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a global producer of forest products, magazine papers, newsprint, fine papers and packaging boards, which their headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. Some 45,000 people are employed in more than 40 countries. The Port Hawkesbury Mill is part of Stora Enso North America, based out of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. The Nova Scotia Company was established in 1959 as Nova Scotia Pulp Ltd. Stora Enso Port Hawkesbury is the largest forest product company in Nova Scotia, Canada, located on the shores of the Strait of Canso. The Port Hawkesbury Mill employs about 850 mill and woodlands people in the production of newsprint and supercalendered papers for customers throughout North America (which include JC Penny, Readers Digest, Bauer Publishing, The Washington Times, The Chicago Sun Times, etc). In addition, more than 700 people work for wood suppliers, woodlands contractors and truckers to support the mill's operations.

Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

For Stora Enso their environmental excellence is an essential component to their company's mission, vision and values. They believe that high business standards and high environmental standards must be mutually compatible. Stora Enso is committed to developing its paper and forest products business toward environmental, social and economic sustainability. Everyone in the organization shares an obligation to protect employees, the environment, natural resources, wildlife and the citizens and communities where they have operations. Stora Enso's mission is to promote communication and the well-being of people by turning renewable fiber into paper, packaging and processed wood products. One of the company's major goal is to look for ways to cost effectively reduce air emissions from their operations. Some examples include: 1) Looking for raw material substitutions that will improve their product quality and reduce emissions of hazardous air pollutants from their...