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One of the most amazing writers of the nineteenth century was Emily Bronte. Although she lived in the time span of the Victorian Period, Bronte was not a typical Victorian woman. She was very reclusive and did not have very much interest in the outside world. She was such a recluse that not many people knew a thing about her. Not only did Emily Bronte become a well-known literary figure, but two of her sisters, Anne and Charlotte, became known as writers also. As the Victorian Period began, education began to spread rapidly, and the impact of the written word became very strong. Throughout Europe there was an immense desire to read books and especially novels. Bronte's most famous literary work is her novel, Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is considered to be one of the greatest novels in English Literature. The novel is indicative of Bronte in that it is full of fierce and haunting passions.

The powerful story is centered on love, hate, sorrow, and death. It also portrays a mysterious sensitivity to the dignity of the countryside in Haworth, England, where she spent all of her short life. The key aspect of the novel's uniqueness concerns the portrayal of character. The characters are quite obscure and engaging. Although there are many different interpretations of Bronte's intent, many critics believe that the roles of the two main characters, Heathcliff and Catherine, are what make the story as influential as it is. Heathcliff's powerful presence and complex personality permeates throughout the novel (Keach and Richetti and Robbins 668).

The dominator of the novel is Heathcliff. He can be defined as callous and tyrannical. He is not held back by anything, and he dedicates his whole nature to satisfying his own desires, Herring 2 no matter what the cost...