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DAY 1 I washed up on shore unconscious. I awoke to find myself in a strange and new place. My ship had been completely wrecked; all of my things tossed about like a rag doll. It seemed strange that a predetermined storm such as that could cause such of a catastrophe. With all the problems that had suddenly arose, there was one thing that brought some peace to my mind, the fact that I was able to send an emergency signal right as we were headed under. The "we" that I speak of is or was my crew. Our very routine fishing trip had turned into nightmare when the storm came in and we lost radar. We thought that we would be fine considering we had taking this trip hundreds of times over the years, but the bottom line is that we came unprepared.

The storm took a rather strange course, and instead of avoiding it, we ran right into it.

Our ship lost control and we decided to abandon ship…or at least I decided to anyway, with most of my crew still fighting for there lives, I selfishly took the one emergency boat that the ship had, and left. They of course heard me doing this and rushed to see if I had just forgotten to take them too, but they knew what I was doing. The last thing I remember is seeing the rest of my crew, all standing around the brow of our soon-to-sink ship and staring at me in disbelief…

DAY 2 Now, I have gathered my thoughts and have devised a plan. My emergency signal should have reached land; though I can't be assured of that because I'm not sure of my coridince. For all I know I could be in a completely desolate...