Strategic Human Resource Management

Essay by a_devar March 2006

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Human resource plays a very important role in a management and without it an organization cannot function effectively. It can also be called as the nerve center of the organization. Human resource is actually referred to as the employee who does all the physical activities to create production. Even though in today's modern world all the production huge and effective machines do work, the workmen handle it and therefore indirectly it shows how important employees are in an organization because otherwise the machines will not work to it's efficiency. It requires regular maintenance, proper usage according to the standard operating procedures.

Human resource management if defined means a function of the department to fulfill the requirements of the other departments where there is shortage of staffs and this is done through certain processes which include recruiting, selecting, training and development, etc. It is a very important and tiring job where the manager has to take interviews for the required position and an equally able skilled candidate is to be selected.

Any type of staff's shortage is informed to the management and they take the task of fulfilling the demand. There are some important activities that the human resource management handle i.e. human resource planning, job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, orientation and placement, training and development, performance appraisal and job evaluation, remuneration, etc. (Human )

In the 21st century, the service sector's main key issue is to change the human resources into valuable assets and for doing so they have to provide them with proper and effective training for development and this is important because it some kind of brings changes in their performance in job, in relation with co-workers and managers, change in the style and pace of doing work i.e. brings professionalism in work,