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BURGER KING is one of the largest fast food hamburger and has been widely kwon and respected. It was created by James McLamore and David Edgerton which was founded in 1954, since then the flame-broiled beef opened up their legendary tour. In addition, the first restaurant was seated in Florida Miami. Then during 1957 to 1960, the "Whopper" was born in 1957 which led the restaurant to enter the highest level. After that, the Burger King Corporation appeared in TV advertisement firstly, meanwhile, the publicity of television lasted about 50 years. Moreover, it began the franchising and the first place was in America, then it was expanded around the world. Then it grew rapidly.

Nowadays, in the USA, "Burger King" throughout every corner of the United States, and whether it is a big city, beside the road, we can find the Burger King restaurant as well. Meanwhile, there are more than 11billion consumers visit BURGER KING every day in 86 countries around the world.

The reason why it can be so successful is the management of interior. The human resource management is a significant part in every corporation although it cannot direct offer the revenue to companies in the market. The key that relate the success or failure of the company is a wonderful management. With effective SHRM, both employees and consumers would be more satisfied, and companies tend to be more productivity. In terms of BURGER KING, there are several practices of SHRM to push it to more successful and reputation in the community.

2. Practice 1

2.1 Explanation of analyzing work and designing jobs

Companies have to understand and match job requirements and people in order to reach the high- quality performance. However, job analysis is the requirement which is the process of getting detailed information about...