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A Project Report




August 2008

table of contents

3Introduction and Evolution of NTPC �


7PEST analysis And Porter's Five Forces �

10Value Chain Analysis �

13The 7 S Framework �

15Financial Performance �

16Balanced Score card �

20Concluding Remarks �

20References �


Introduction and Evolution of NTPC

NTPC was established in the year 1975 as National Thermal Power Corporation Pvt Ltd, and over the years has grown to become one of the most privileged PSU's in the Indian PSU sector. It is currently the largest power generating company with the Navaratna status already conferred upon it. The modest beginning was rooted in the objective to accelerate the power development in India. Now, the company has figured in the Forbes list of 2000 largest companies 500 list at number 411, has capacities in thermal, gas and soon even nuclear power generation, has spun off various related businesses and is poised to take the growth story in the power sector to a new echelon.

NTPC went pubic in the year, 1985 and the name was changed to national Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. In the year 1997 it was conferred the Navaratna status, giving more powers to the board of directors. In the year 2004 the company had its IPO, and was listed on the NSE. It moved from just being a thermal producer to other forms of producing power. In 2005, it was renamed to just NTPC ltd after considerable foray into other avenues like gas power production, hydro based production and soon to enter nuclear power production too.

The company's main business is constructing and operating power generating plants. It has also developed competencies in the power consulting in both India and abroad. Though the company has been...