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The following paper will discuss Kudler Fine Foods business opportunities created from changes in technology that Kudlers has implemented and Kudlers corresponding financial goals of increasing cost cutting initiatives. The reader will assess Kudlers Strategic Information Systems and its advantages and how IT will improve Kudlers competitiveness. The reader will identify Kudlers generic strategy and strategic management process and what tactics Kudlers implemented to achieve this strategy and how Kudler analyzes its specialty food industry for new products and ideas to stay above the industry curve.

A Strategic Information System (SIS) is a type of information system that is aligned with Kudlers business strategy and structure and helps manage information and assist in strategic making. This allows Kudlers the ability to respond faster to internal and external environmental changes and creates a competitive advantage.

Kudlers internal environmental changes are within its strategic sales objectives. These sales objectives will implement programs to increase revenue and decrease overhead.

They include new customer focused programs, better information management and increased behind the scenes efficiency.

Kudlers new customer focused program includes a cooking class social. This cooking class is used to build awareness of products to existing and new customers. Kudlers sales group actively promotes these classes, gathers customers information i.e. customer addresses, and uses this new information to target potential new customers in similar areas. By using the Internet, Kudler can assess income medians of its existing customer's residential area and target these areas for Kudlers direct mailing program to attract potential new customers. Kudler has a database it uses to store the customers demographics and is used to access the names and addresses of customers for order processing, special mailing promotions i.e. anniversaries and birthdays, etc. Another Kudler internal environmental change is having a better informed management.

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