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Strategy: Kudler Fine FoodsKudler Fine Foods' (KFF) mission is to offer the consumers who are "aspiring to purchase the finest epicurean delights" with "the finest in selected foodstuffs and wines" in stores staffed by "experienced, helpful, and knowledgeable" employees (Kudler Fine Foods). KFF' objective is to offer the highest quality products to their customers, and increase their goodwill and attract more customer base and be profitable. In order to achieve these objectives and to increase KFF' edge in the gourmet foods' industry, KFF needs to take advantage of the strategic management. Strategic management refers to the art of planning the business at the highest possible level and it enables a business to respond to new challenges quickly, and replace outdated ideas and practices with processes that can help meet new needs as they present themselves (All Business, 2009).

Impact of Technology on Business OpportunitiesStrategic management hinges on knowing the objectives of a business and in assessing the best ways and resources required to achieve those objectives.

One of the ways that could help KFF achieve its objectives is the use of technology. Technology can provide opportunities to KFF, by enhancing KFF' capabilities and by streamlining their processes and by introducing KFF to the online marketing. According to Sewart, advances in technology can drive change to enhance company profits.

Currently, KFF has an extensive intranet, which can be used to focus on the organization' employees and to enhance productivity, teamwork, and communication. Implementing the new customer tracking program could make KFF be better informed about their customers and their tastes. KFF can refine its ordering process and better serve their customers by understanding the customer purchasing behavior patterns. KFF' intranet provides the management with pertinent and timely information in regards to product availability, deliveries, quality, and customers' needs. KFF can also...