The Strength of My Mother

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You think you're life wouldent change so quick that you wouldent have time to think about what will happen. Life was never easy for me and my mom. Well you'll find that out later in the story.

It all started before i was born my real dad left me when he found out my mom was goin gto have me. She was strong about it because she's a strong woman. My mom had me when she was 18 and she really didnt have anywhere to go. So when i was born she moved off and on to friends and family until she could find a place to settal. Anyways i grew up and still we moved off and on place to place. ONe week we would be liveing here another we would be living there. I kept on maken new friends and and looseing new friends cause we had to move so much.

I made friends that where not friends at all and i made friends that where friends til the end. My childhood was cut short because of all the moveing. i learned quickly about things and grew to understand how a adult thought. My mom was more of a friend then a mother but i still loved her even though we had a rough life.

My mother always told me that" you should always live you're life to the fullest and take what comes to you." I guess i should tell you that i dont have my other right now because she's haveing problems right now. My mother is a real big role model to me even though she has that problem dont mean anyhting to me. She taught me everything i needed to know. Even though i lived with my grandma for 3 to 5 years...