Stress Management Proposal

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Stress Management Proposal

Name of technique:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Description of technique:

Emotional intelligence is what helps in the building of strong, long lasting relationships that a person will hold and have until they are well past their prime age of friendships, as well as work-place relationships. What this technique does is it gets a person to become fully aware of sight, smell, touch, and hear. They will develop emotional intelligence on sensory, nonverbal learning and real-life practice.

Summary or analysis of personal experience:

What I did was when I found myself getting upset, I would remove myself from the room or situation in a manner that was non-abrasive or threaten to anyone or anything, I did not go slamming a door when I left or look over my shoulder and state "I'll be right back," with the look added in for good measure. I just left the area or hung up the phone after saying what it was I was doing and politely said good bye and I gave myself a timeout of sorts. If I got really angry I would smell lavender which is known to be a calming aroma that is known to calm those who are upset. So I incorporated a couple of things. More in my paper.

Time needed during each session and frequency of sessions per week:

This depends on the anger, and how mad someone is. Sometimes it can only take 10 minutes, and other times it may take longer. If this step takes longer than 1 hour, you probably need to re-think your choice of employment.


Equipment and space needed:

Candles, good walking shoes, lavender, and maybe an mp3 player to play some classical music. Whatever one needs to bring them to a happy place,