Stress At Work

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STRESS AT WORK by Dr HN Ramesh & Sanyo Moosa �2009��

About the Authors:

Dr HN RAMESH: Dr HN Ramesh is the director & Reader of Kovempu University, Kadur, Karnataka.

Sanyo Moosa: Sanyo Moosa is a faculty with Salalah College of Applied Sciences Oman. His research area is focused on Human Resources. His study on the stress management on the employees of bank in Kerala is a pioneer work. He was actively involved with Ministry of Manpower Planning in his previous roles.


Stress at work is a relatively new phenomenon of modern lifestyles. The nature of work has gone through drastic changes over the last century and it is still changing at whirlwind speed. They have touched almost all professions, starting from an artist to a surgeon, or a commercial pilot to a sales executive. With change comes stress, inevitably. Professional stress or job stress poses a threat to physical health.

Work related stress in the life of organized workers, consequently, affects the health of organizations.

Key Words:

Workplace stress, Job demands and the capabilities, Disorders.

Introduction Job stress is a chronic disease caused by conditions in the workplace that unconstructively affect an individual's performance and/or overall well-being of his body and mind. One or more of a host of physical and mental illnesses manifests job stress. In some cases, job stress can be disabling. In chronic cases a psychiatric consultation is usually required to validate the reason and degree of work related stress. Working on a project on stress at work, Andy Ellis, Ruskin College, Oxford, UK, has shown in a chart how stress can adversely affect an employee's performance. In the early stages job stress can 'rev up' the body and enhance performance in the workplace, thus the term 'I perform better under pressure'. However, if...