Struggle For Dominance

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A Struggle for Dominance In Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, the protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, apparently has a struggle with his creation, over dominance. The creature eventually gains influence as he is enlightened by learning his surroundings. Victor's creature learns to believe that he is Victor's master, and Victor should do as he tells him. The struggle over dominance leads to a tragic end, as Victor loses hisfamily, and eventually loses his own life as well.

Victor Frankenstein decided to create something unique, being curious of nature ever since his encounter with lightning as a young boy. Upon creating something of his own, he became "the modern Prometheus," who created something against the will of nature or God. He is much like Prometheus, who created beings against the will of his God, Zeus, and was punished. Victor's monster becomes a constant interference is his life and a constant threat to the people he loves.

Due to the lack of love Victor gave the creature, the monster decides to punish Victor, as Victor tries to forget the horror he has released unto the world. It could be said that now the creature "dominates" or is taking control over Victor, instead of Victor controlling his creation. Before Victor began the creation, he was overwhelmed with the thought of creating a being unlike any being that existed. Victor was cheerful, having a curiosity that would perhaps lead him to discover unknown secrets of life. Through this, we can see that the thought of being superior (by curiosity) dominated Victor into creating a unique being. In his decision to play God, he will suffer the consequences.

The creature is in search for revenge, due to the lack of love he was given since birth, "I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion,