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Show Them Some of That Money

Have you ever turned on your television on new years day to watch the rose ball, or ever tuned in to March Madness to watch the top four basketball colleges in the country compete for NCAA basketball royalty. If you did then consider this, those athletes you see on your TV are not really hundred percent athletes they are actually student before they were ever considered athletes. In a matter of fact, they are even called student athletes. Notice that the term "student" came before the term "athlete". Being an student athlete can be harder than just being an athlete, actually it is much harder because not only must the athlete concentrate on his sport and his performance during matches and games, but also equally on his academics which is a necessity if he wants to continue playing or his college. Most colleges require their athlete to maintain a 2.00

GPA to continue playing for the college. That means that the athlete has no time for anything else but his sport and his books and that's it. He has no time not even for a part time job to earn him a little pocket change by which he can survive on. Also students athletes are told or in other words advised by their coaches not to get a part time job cause it will effect their availability to the team and also because that spare time they got off the field and outside of practice, is for them to study and maintain that 2.00 GPA. After stating that this question a raises. How do student athletes make their money in order to survive? Shouldn't they get paid for their hard work? And how do colleges compensate their athletes, if any at all?

Some people...