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Welcome to my Student Survival Guide. In this guide, I will discuss my plans to achieve success in five different areas: managing time wisely, upholding academic honesty, developing effective study skills, and setting and achieving goals. These five statistics play a very important role in the success of this online program. In order to survive and succeed in any situation, you have to want it. If you are not motivated to succeed, you are not motivated for life. Life is full off success whether it is for family, work, or in this case school.

First, you have to manage your time wisely. Time management is the number one key to student survival. If time is not managed effectively, then failure is right around the corner. If you don't have time to be a student, employee, employer, parent, and etc., you will definitely fail in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

In order to be successful, first you have to figure out how to manage your time well. Make a list of your priorities form the most important to the least important. Getting your priorities in order can bring you closer and closer to accomplishing you goals and will also help to manage things in a timely fashion. Time management is something you will have to do all of your life, not just for student survival.

Second, make sure that you are ready to uphold academic honesty. Read the academic policy for Axia College and familiarize yourself with it. Always avoid plagiarism and make sure you cite all your references correctly. Manage your time wisely, so that you will have time to brainstorm and complete an assignment in a timely and successful manner, without plagiarizing. Cite all your references in any assignment that you use other resources for...