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Students Not everyone puts the same amount of effort into school. There are three groups of students, high achievers, average students, and low achievers.

The high achievers are the students that always put forth all of their effort. They like to challenge themselves by taking hard classes. By doing this, they excel above the rest of their classmates. High achievers like having to think in their classes, rather than going through them and not learning anything new. They work much harder to get a good grade in the hard classes, but they enjoy the challenge. High achievers try to concentrate on their future. When high achievers go home and to their homework, they try their very best.

Average students do most of their homework, but do not always put forth all of their effort. School is not usually their first priority. They sometimes very preoccupied with their social life.

Sometimes sports are put in front of their homework. Most of the time, average students will have one or two classes that they excel in. They put all of their time in to doing well in those classes, but then they forget to work hard in their other classes too. Average students get B's and C's. Some average students will occasionally think about their future. Average students like to think that the future is very far away. They do care about what grades they get, but sometimes they just get a little off track.

Low achievers do not like to focus on school at all. They do not always have their homework in, and are not always in school. When low achievers come back to school after being gone, they do not asked what they missed. They do not like to be challenged...