The study of child development through a visual arts workshop

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TALABAN "Child Development Through Visual Arts"



The lack of youth empowerment has become a grave issue found not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well as seen in the various campaigns to engage the youth in matters in society. In the Villa Reyes Bambang community, 172 out of the 715 members of the community belong to the age group one year to twelve years old. This age group represents 24% of the population. The study targets the skills of creativity, resourcefulness, independence, and responsibility, which are linked to youth empowerment, through a visual arts workshop.

Based on the questionnaire conducted in the community of Villa Reyes Bambang, Pasig, it is seen that residents four to six years of age were exposed to little or no visual arts lessons. Only 20% of the sample group was exposed to visual art education through their four-hour class encounters in preschool.

A survey also showed that all those interviewed were willing to participate in a visual arts workshop and their parents were willing to expose them to the said program.

Though the barangay provides extra curricular activities that do promote Youth Empowerment such as athletic leagues, low cost preschool education, youth-run organizations, none of these engage the visual arts and target the youth members three to six years of age. The purpose of the study is to examine the effects of conducting a visual arts workshop on their art skills and working habits. The study also aims to strengthen their abilities individually by practicing their creativity and implementing activities that have not been focused on before such as painting and drawing. These activities not only provide leisure to the participants but also help them with their holistic development.


This study...