A study of the Netherlands' maturing population.

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The Netherlands is a mature country located in Western Europe right between Germany and Belgium on the coast of the North Sea. Its total land mass is about 41,526 Kilometres square. This is roughly comparable to the size of two New Jerseys. The inhabitants of the Netherlands are often popularly referred to as the Dutch.

As of July 2003, the total population was 16,150, 511 million people. Also this recent census has produced the age structure as:

* 0 - 14 year olds make up 18.2% of the total population;

* 15 -64 year olds make up 67.9% of the total population; and

* 65+ year olds make up 13.9% of the total population.

The estimated population grow rate in 2003 is about .5% which is slightly higher then that of Canada with only .3%. The nation birth rate for the Netherlands is 11.31 births per 1,000 populations. This is only .31%

higher then that of the Dutch. The total fertility rate is at 1.65 children born per woman while Canada's is at 1.4 children born per woman. If these figures are accurate the estimated population in the year 2050 will be just over 18 million people.

The Netherlands is known as one of the most densely populated countries in Europe with its maturity. In a 1995 census it showed that 1,018 people per square mile which is stagnating compared with Canada's eight people per square mile.

The average life expectancy for the people of the Netherlands is roughly 78 years of age which is pretty good given the decency population of the country. The life style shared by the Dutch is that of a good diet and lots of government run activity. Compared to that of Canada the Netherlands is only one year behind which in all fairness is extremely...