Study notes on the basic animal behaviors and the processes involved with these behaviors

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-Phermones are chemical signals used by animals for communication

-Allow animals to convey important information to each other regarding reproduction, food, etc.

-Many phermones function as mate attractants

-Can cause behavioral or physiological change

-Queen bees use phermones to maintain social order of honeybee colonies by preventing worker bees from being able to reproduce

-Help animals find a mating partner

-Help colonies gather food

-Mimicry is when an animal bears a superficial resemblance to another species

-Mullerian mimicry is when several animals, all with some special defense mechanism share the same aposematic coloration

-Many types of bees all have the same coloration to warn predators

-Batesian mimicry is when an animal without any special defense mechanism mimics the coloration of an animal that does possess a defense

-Some animals have similar black and yellow markings as bees to scare off predators, even though they have no defense mechanisms

-Mimicry helps prey escape predators by making the prey seem dangerous

-Mimicry also protects animals with defense mechanisms (Mullerian) because predators quickly learn that certain coloring mean trouble

-Mimicry can help predators appear as something different to their prey and lure the prey in for them to eat

-Mimicry also helps plants pollinate in some cases when flowers resemble insects and other insects try to mate with the flower; they take pollen from the plant and spread it elsewhere

-Instinct is behavior that is innate and inherited

-Behavior occurs regardless of environment

-Fixed action patterns are innate behaviors that follow a regular, unvarying pattern

-Initiated by a specific stimulus

-Male stickleback fish defend their territory against other males; this instinct is stimulated when they see the red belly of males

-Any object with red will stimulate aggressiveness in male sticklebacks

-Increases fitness of an animal

-Helps animals defend themselves from predators...