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IT Environments

IT Organizations

An IT work environment is one where people work with information technology in the same way, eg: Optus, one-Tel, and IMB.

Most large organizations also have an IT Department, eg: Govt. agencies, airlines and schools. These don't specialise in IT but the IT department provides technological solutions.

Information Technology Consultants

IT consultants provide information Technology services to client organizations who outsource their IT requirements.

This type of IT organization offers these services:

·Management consulting- managing the business side of large projects. He meets with the client to determine their IT needs. He writes a business proposal to management.

·Information Technology management- managing the IT side of large projects. They are responsible for designing and installing the new network.

·Project Management- daily management of all types of projects. She will manage the development and maintenance of the clients business.

These three are responsible for programming the software:

·Technology consulting- hardware and network design

·Systems development- developing custom software

·Application maintenance- updating custom software

Typically, IT consultants work in teams and are supervised by a project manager.

These IT workplaces are small, employ specialists and offer services in computer sales, technical support and hardware/software installation.

IT Policies & Procedures


IT policies are general rules that govern every day IT activities like:

·Purchasing- how many supplier quotes will be required? What factors to consider when selecting a supplier?

·Standard Software-What software will be made available to all staff on desktops? Will staff be allowed to have non-standard software on their computers?

·Internet access-Do they get limited or unlimited usage?

·E-mail usage- What material is acceptable? File size limit? How much space allowed for e-mails?

·Naming Directories and files- What drives will be available to all staff? Procedures for naming folders.

·Network Security- Access to network? Home network connections?Virus...