This is a Network Proposal for a Small Office. A Small LAN Proposal.

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Description of Proposed Network:

Our proposal includes the development of a LAN able to meet the requirements of your company's software. The computer network components include the use of a server, a switch, patch panel, and a router for the office. The selected NOS (Network Operating System) is Windows 2000 Server. This operating system provides great conveniences to the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the network. Windows 2000 Server provides the enhanced DHCP, DNS and WINS features allow a network administrator to expediently manage all clients on the network. The data communication media for the networks is UTP CAT5. This cabling follows the Ethernet standards for TCP/IP and ensures decreased propagation and noise.

I understand the motivations for creating a network and can apply these technologies to improve communications and access to information, as well as support and maintain the infrastructure.

Goals and Products:

The following list is networking hardware that can be implemented:

*Nortel Networks Passport 2430 Enterprise Router: Offers the features and performance of more expensive routers, but at a much lower price.

Also, this unit is known for its quiet operation, and sleek enclosure.

*Nortel Networks BayStack 350 Series Switch: supports high-utilization workgroups for high-bandwidth uplinks to servers.

*Dell PowerEdge 650 Server: Cost-effective rack server performance, manageability, and serviceability. Easy to mange. Also with tape drive backup support.

*Nortel Networks OPTera Metro Cabinet 5200: Free-standing structure which will hold router, switch, server, and patch panel.

*16-port Patch Panel

Each employee workstation is to be custom ordered from Dell. Each employee will house a Dell computer with the following options:

*2 GHz Pentium 4 Processor

*256MB RAM

*13GB Hard Drive

*Netgear FA311 10/100 Network adapters

*52X CD-Rom

*8 MB Video Card

*17" Monitor (Can use current monitors if budget is exceeded)

*Internal Zip Drive

Fast Ethernet is the...