Studying the setting in the forst quarter of a boys life

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Boy' Life - Culminating Task #1- Comparison

Differences in personality


1) Extremely imaginative

Ex. The boys annual celebration of the termination of school for the summer where as Cory explains they grow wings and "Fl[y] over the dark brown, oblong stain of satin lake … zoomed up to seventy feet"(p.138-141). This scene shows one of Cory's strongest and most important traits which also helps to develop he plot. If it weren't for Cory's imagination I am sure most of the situations n the book would have happen differently.

2) Overly passive

Ex. Does not say anything when he is bullied ie. By the Demon who was trying to disturb and get Cory in trouble during church and the Branlin twins who were each doing a little something to agitate Cory "Gordo thrust an upraised middle finger in my face and Gotha loaded another straw with another hard black eyed pee" (p.64-66.)

3) He has problems keeping his attention in one place for example when he is in class he is always thinking about other things, twitching and fidgeting here he explains "half of me listened to the teacher's speech while the other half longed for the end of it. My head was full up with words. I needed to shake some out into the bright summer air" (p.131).

4) Cory is shy with people he does not have a lot of friends because he is not very outgoing. He only really has 3 or 4 close friends and he described them as keeping pretty much to themselves.

I do enjoy daydreaming but I consider myself to be more of a realist. When I was extremely young I had imaginary friends but as I grew older reality set in. Especially by the time I was eleven or twelve I never...