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What Treatments Are Available

For Depression ?

Depression is a Treatable Illness

The Basic Premise


You cannot just do nothing

and expect it to go away.

Somehow, someway, YOU MUST change, improve, or correct your brain chemistry before you will feel good again.

All of the methods below CAN do that.

It's just a matter of what treatment is practical & tolerable for you.

Learn about the pros and cons of your treatment of choice.

Choose one you can stick with.

Give the treatment a chance to work.

The Treatment

How Well Does It Work


Very successful for many !!

I have known people lucky enough to have an antidepressant work quick, easy, first time, and long term with no other help or side affects.

Not successful for everyone

Lots to choose from

Research is ongoing to produce new and better drugs with less side affects

See links below or see my bookstore sections:

Prozac & Alternatives or

Medical / Antidepressants. | | | | | Medications

Most patients respond successfully | What can you do?

Healing Depression | Prescription Reminder | Physician Locator

Drug Treatment for People with Mood Disorders

Psychotherapy / Counseling

Can really get you through

Probably best used with antidepressants

For some people, can work as well as antidepressants

American Psychologic Association | How Therapy Helps | Find A Psychologist

Combined Drug Treatment and Psychotherapy

Cognitive Therapy

Results similar to psychotherapy.

Probably most effective in mild to moderate types of depression


If a blood test shows you have low thyroid, estrogens, DHEA or other hormones, replacing them can really help.



Therapeutic use of nutritional supplements has great and fantastic potential but is not fully developed yet...