Summary Of Medieval Women

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Summary of Medieval Women Until modern times, it was believed by many that the woman of the medieval era were cruel, complacent, and irrational. It is now known, however, that these assumptions are untrue. It was also believed that women were discounted and persecuted, but this too has been proved false. Medieval woman were more free than in any other time before this and took advantage of it.

Medieval woman were honest and kind as depicted in a letter from a random fan to Hildegard Van Bingen who was a prominent religious personality: "we humbly and earnestly pray"¦that whatever God has inspired you with in our matter, or revealed to you in a vision, your holiness may take care to set down in writing." Even though other women were not as prominent, they still took up a huge place in society. They worked as brewers, grocers, and managed many small businesses.

Some woman even manufactured items such as armor, cloth, and some crops.

Woman were not treated as unfairly nor acted as irrationally as most believe. They enjoyed many rights that were unheard of before this time. Woman could own business, run companies, even rule kingdoms. There were still obstacles for women, which is an undeniable fact, but they dealt with them and learned how to take advantage of those rights they did have.