A Summer For Always

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A Summer for Always is one of Laura Sonnenmark's finest young adult novels. Throughout the book, the author wants her readers to know that sometimes it's better to share your feelings, rather than let them build up inside of you. A friend is someone you should trust. You should talk to them and let them know what you're going through. One should not to be ashamed one's family and should be proud of who they are. Expressing your self to a loved one can be difficult, but later you will realize it is the best decision you could have taken. Keeping a secret from someone you truly care for can sometimes bring you apart. When you like someone, you should always be yourself and not try to behave differently for that person to notice you.

This story takes place during the summer, in a beautiful and peaceful Maine coast.

Marty Dunmera, the main character, is a sixteen year old girl who lives with her mother.

Tim, Marty's younger brother, is an annoying twelve year-old who doesn't enjoy living with his mother and wants to move back to California with his father. Marty's father, who remains nameless, is a man who left his family for another woman. Mrs. Dunmera, Tim's and Marty's mother, can not accept that her husband has left her for another woman. She tries to forget about the pain his departure has caused her by drinking and spending most of the day sleeping. Mrs. Dunmera's excessive drinking is tearing the family apart. First her husband leaves, and now she's starting to loose her children too. Michael, on the other hand, is a very good looking local boy which Marty has fallen in love with. He's a really well-behaved boy who also lives in the coast with his...