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Supermarket I am a college student who works part-time in a local supermarket. Quite recently, I had one of the best sexual experiences of my entire life happen at the market. There are two girls who work with me that have the best asses you could ever hope to see. For the longest time I've been trying to seduce both Toni and Leigh, to no avail. One day, though, I guess fate had it that my luck would change.

Toni asked me to help her find something downstairs in the stockroom. Naturally, since she is such a fox, I agreed to help her in any way. As I followed her down the stairs, the sight of her firm, ripe swaying ass gave me a bona fide boner. While looking for the product she needed, I accidentally brushed my bulge up against her. Toni walked right over to me and started rubbing my cock with her hand.

Slowly, she unzipped my pants and pulled my shorts off until my entire eight inches were exposed. She got down on her knees and placed her warm mouth around my pole. I almost exploded as she began to suck faster and faster.

Just as I was ready to get down to some real fucking. Leigh walked in on us. I started to panic until I saw that she had a big smile on her face. Leigh immediately began to undress. She walked over to Toni and me, and took my cock into her hands. What happened next was incredible! Both girls got down in front of me and began licking my shaft. It was an amazingly horny sight, especially when their tongues met as they swirled them around my balls. I shot my wad in their faces, and they licked up every drop.