survival of the fittest

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Summer Reading Assignment-IB Biology SL


1."Why does evolution, allow harmful genes to persist?

Chapter I

2. makes the body feel achy; it's hard to complete physical activity

Iron overload is a hereditary disease that disrupts the way the body metabolizes iron

It damages the joints, the major organs.

It can lead to liver failure, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, and in some cases cancer

Iron-poor diets are the most common cause of anemia (a lack of red blood cells)

3. The author compared the macrophages as being the Bruce Lee's of the immune system

Centuries ago in the west, the place to go for bloodletting was the barbershop. The barber's pole was originally a symbol for bloodletting. The bowl at the top represented the bowl for collecting blood. And the red and white spirals derive from the medieval practice of hanging bandages on a pole to dry.

Chapter II

4. There are two major types of diabetes, Type 1 (juvenile diabetes) and Type 2 (adult-onset diabetes) the third form of diabetes is called gestational diabetes, tends to be temporary and resolves itself after pregnancy

5. The Dryas Presence in the arctic of Sweden 12,000 years ago indicated that warm weather that followed the last ice age had been interrupted by a shift back to cold weather, hence receiving the name "Younger Dryas"

But really the Younger Dryas actually descended on the Northern Hemisphere much more rapidly.

By the 1980's the ice cores confirmed the existence of the Younger Dryas, it also revealed that the last ice age ended in three years.

6. Shivering, when shivering the body's increased muscle activity burns the sugar stored in your muscles and creates heat, next your body constricts the capillaries in your fingers and toes, then through our arms and legs.

The body...