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Sustainable World

The world we live in today isn't the happy place we once believed it was in the aspect of the environment .Sustainability can be defined as the acts that helps to maintains for the environment suitable conditions under which nature and humans can exist better for the future .Nevertheless it can be said that living a sustainable life will help improve the quality of life for the future this is due to the fact that since many people don't live a sustainable life today we see some environmental issues like pollution ,resource depletion and overpopulation as but with sustainability it will help solve this problem to avoid severe future issue for mankind. It will also help the economy for the future making it a better with more regeneration for resources at a rate that is equal to or faster than our consumption.

There are several ways to live a sustainable life first of all I will ride the bike to school or closely during warmer seasons like summer spring and take Use the stairs. People who use the stairs tend to lose weight over the average year.

This is sustainable because the help the health for society and now the issue of air pollution reducing it or faces the consequences of fossil fuels and life extinct. Secondly when I'm doing shopping ill tend to Bring a bag and avoid getting a plastic bag and avoid buying a lot of goods like the latest luxury brand name shoes this will in turn help to Save your money for other experiences, like canoeing also this preserves raw materials since they were use to make this making the future a better place. Nexly another way is I will Unplug stuff when I'm not in my room .at home or...