Swing Kids, which takes place in Nazi Germany.

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Swing Kids is an entertaining and interesting film about a different side of Nazi Germany that is overlooked. In the late 30s, many German teenagers rebelled against Nazi youth organizations (Hitler's Judgend or the H.J. for short), instead choosing to listen to swing music. These teens were known as Swing Kids. At the time, listening to swing music was illegal according to Hitler's rule.

Peter, Arvid, and Thomas were three such "Swing Kids," often attending music clubs at night, and were totally against joining the Nazi party. However, after getting caught stealing a radio, Peter had little choice other than to join the H.J.s to stay out of trouble. Thomas joins as well, refusing to let his friend join alone. As H.J.s, each begins to change, slowly being changing by the propaganda, which starts to turn them against their friends, and eventually, each other.

They both believe that they can have everything including, the power and freedom that comes with association with the Hitler Youth as well as the rebelliousness and freedom of attending swing kid parties at night.

To them, it was a perfect disguise. Officers during the day, and swing kids by night. Eventually, they realize that they can not be mere members of the Nazi party without being parts of it. Thomas eventually becomes brainwashed and turns on all of his friends. He even notifies the H.J. about the swing dancing club, that he was once a part of. He and other officers raid the club, when Peter was there. They get into an argument and start fighting. When it is all over, Thomas realizes what he has done and tells Peter to leave before he gets arrested. Peter doesn't listen and gets taken away.

Before I viewed this film, I never knew...