The Sword of Ata. This was written in the style that the writer of the book "Arabian Nights" would have written in.

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It is said that a merchant with a devoted wife and three loving children lived in a moderate sized hut. The merchant always tried his best to improve living conditions for his family. Because other people, such as the ugly witch Atiya, are jealous and vengeful of his wealth, he is shunned from the local city.

One day the ugly witch Atiya appeared to the merchant as he was outside of his hut on the edge of the city because she was vexed with his great wealth to the point of aggravation. Atiya had a deal to offer the merchant, and he would not have a choice on whether to accept or decline.

He had no choice because his beloved wife and children were stolen away from him and turned into rocks. Atiya handed the merchant the rocks of his wife and children and uttered, "I have a task for you that will not be simple.

You must bring a sword that can be found at the bottom of a deep ravine to the great sire at the palace to earn your wife and child back. Take this specially woven carpet and use it to fly and make your journey shorter. Beware of donkeys and robbers. Follow the clear marked path on this ground here for about 5 miles and you will come to the ravine. May your journey be prosperous."

"Why must I do this? Why do you choose me? I do not understand. I have done nothing to hurt you," the surprised and sorrowful merchant replied.

The witch replied, "I grant you a genie. You must take one of these two lamps. When you rub the lamp say your wish and whatever you wish for will come true if you have correctly chosen the good genie. If...