SWOT analysis of EasyJet

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Contemporary Business Management Coursework assignment 1

SWOT analysis of EasyJet


The corporate culture at easyJet is that of informality and adaptability. The company favors a flat hierarchy whereby the management work closely with those below them in the chain of command. Employees are given responsibility to make decisions themselves. This empowerment is not only eliminates wasteful layers, ensures any situation is dealt with as quickly bas possible but is also thought to increase employee motivation. (Maslow see appendix Fig.1). This type of adaptive corporate culture then links overall culture of "we're up for it" (http://www.opp.co.uk/solutions/consultancy/easyjet.asp) I feel that these points then go toward the framework creating more strengths for the company.

Marketing Orientation of EasyJet has been adapted by easyJet as they aim to provide the basics that the customers need during a flight. This can be seen in the company's mission statement (See appendix fig.2)

The organisation, that concentrates its services and its marketing strategies around the needs and the satisfaction of the customer, is marketing orientated.

The motivation to buy is not about selling the firm's product, but discovering and complying with what the customer wants. The customer behavior towards a purchase is not completely defined by the price, rather is more related with what is the 'total package' of the purchase and how it fits their needs. So the lucrative points of a product are not only the price and the product itself but also useful information, high quality services and benefits that surround the product (Brassincton & Pettit, 2000).

Since its merger with Go-fly in August 2002 easyJet has grown to become Europe's leading low cost airline now offering 114 routes from38 European airports (http://www.easyjet.com/EN/about/infopack_overview.html). This means it's the market leader in the 'no frills' airline industry.

Not only has the company has maintained market...