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What's unusual about A.E.S's structure, management systems, and leadership?


· AES's organisational structure and management systems manifested the company's values and principles.

· AES adopted decentralised organisational principles and practices. For example, AES works to minimize number of supervisory layers in its organization. Most of the company's plants operate without shift supervisors. Which is quit unusual.

· The company has generally organized itself into multi-skilled teams to develop projects, rather than forming "staff" groups (such as Human resources department or an engineering staff) to carry out specialized functions, unlike other companies.(no functional departments).

· The other point is decisions are made not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up. Furthermore responsibility is pushed to the lowest level possible, encouraging every one to be a part of a decision.

· The company did not follow an organisational model in teamwork's, but instead gave comments from AES people regarding teamwork.

AES teams have done very well in both achieving a common goal and having fun culture while doing so.

· Friendship and trust were among the most important strengths in the company's structure. Starting by the wonderful example set by the original AES team. The CEO's Roger and Dennis, working together in small groups has been a natural way of get big things done while preserving the dignity of each person. Which I would say is unique leadership.

Therefore, the company has a different system, (a unusual style) of maintaining their people, process, and systems.

Q2. Has AES's success been because of, or despite, these practices?


I would say, that the success of AES is mostly because of these practices. The people, process, and the systems have a major hand in the success of the company. However I would like to explain two main reasons in particular. People and...