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The tablet PC was introduced in 2000 by Bill Gates at Comdex 2000, since then PC consumers have been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. In order for the Tablet PC to cross the chasm, the PC industry needs to do the following: target the point of attack, assemble the invasion force, define the battle, and launch the invasion. So far the PC industry has failed to market the Tablet PC successfully. Until the tablet PC has all the applications that a conventional PC has, it will be impossible to "cross the chasm." One thing that might scare off the pragmatists from jumping aboard is the fact that most of these tablets lack a keyboard, and many people prefer to type instead of writing with a digital pen. The Tablet PC's are also costly and they will not offer Windows XP until next year. In order to target the point of attack the makers of PC Tablets must convince PC users that conventional laptops are on the way out and that PC Tablets are the wave of the future.

Currently Tablet PC's take up only .5% of the overall PC market. Tablet PC makers are making steps to create invasion force. Since Tablet PC makers have been making regular PC's for years now, servicing new tablet PC's shouldn't be an issue. By 2005 many glitches like lack of an XP platform, few applications, and problems with hand writing recognition should be solved. Tablet PC makers have to do a better job of defining the battle. It's difficult to decide whom to market Tablet PC's towards because the makers of Tablet PC's also make regular PCs, which are its only competition. Tablet PC's will be great for people who work in the pharmaceutical industry, in...