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HIS210U Minorities in America. Bethel University. R.Rivera. Page � PAGE �1�

Reading: Native Americans Name: PO

Takaki, A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America. Chps 1 & 2

Reading is important to facilitate learning and class discussion and will be reflected in quizzes and exams. Read questions before reading the assignment, but do not limit your observations to these questions alone.

Download this document from the course website, save it to your own computer files, and add as many spaces as necessary between questions for your typed answers. When you are done you will have a neat, effective tool for class study and discussion, and (hopefully) future use beyond this class.

Keep your answers brief but be clear and show that you have given the issues some serious thought.

Chp 1: Introduction: A Different Mirror

1. According to Takaki:

What has been the basic problem(s) with past histories of North America? Explain his experience with the taxi driver.

What is his approach in writing this history?

What is meant by a "different mirror" & what does it have to do with his approach?

Chp 2: "Tempest: in the Wilderness: The Racialization of Savagery

1. What is the basic thesis of this chapter (i.e., how did the English "racialize savagery")? To help you with this answer, note the following:

According to Takaki, how does Shakespeare's play The Tempest (opened in London 1611) and England's colonization of Ireland help us understand European racial attitudes and future relations with the Native Americans they only recently encountered? Note the symbolism of the characters Caliban and Prospero.

Give two key examples of these attitudes/relations from the colony at Virginia and two examples from the colony at New England. Cite page numbers for each.

2. Looking at events surrounding the...