Tale of Ch'unhyang

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The Ch'unhyang Story

Once there was a town in Honam province, called Namwon. With full of spiritual energy, Namwon bred many pretty people. In King Sukjomg's early reign there lived the only son of a local governor. His name was Lee Mongryong. Since he was handsome and righteous, he was a great man. He had much literary talent, and grew up to be a handsome young man.

One fine day, Master Lee Mongryong called his servant, Pangja, and asked him to show him a place where he might see wild flowers. He said that he needs to have a sightseeing of the place. Pangja then mentioned different places that his master might want to visit. At the end, Master Mongryong chose to go to the south to see the Gwanhallu Arbor.

They immediately mounted the horse and Pangja leads the way. A fan shaped like a crane's yellow wing, Mongryong flips it open and blocks the sun.

When they arrived to Gwanhallu Arbor, Mongryong was amazed by the beauty of the place. From the arbor, he could see the calm water under the Ojak Bridge or the "Magpie Bridge" where when married couples cross the bridge they'll have a blessing of good marriage from Gwanyoo and Jinpa. As he was feeling the calmness of the place, white and red flowers from the flowery forest caught his eyes, and then an angelic girl appears. Like the sun and the moon, this beautiful girl appears. She arrives together with a girl about her age, probably it was her servant. She grabs the long twisted ropes with her delicate hands. She leaned once, and swung up. She is a girl, but also an angel. She was playing on the swing and her lovely motions put Mongryong in a spell.

Looking at the...