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Worldwide Religion Analysis


A 'Religion' includes set of beliefs, culture and worldviews that is responsible to connect people of the world with ethical values and spirituality.1 Religions are meant to give significance to one's life and demonstrates the foundation of life or the universe. The topic of 'Religion' is not always a pleasent topic for conversation, most of the times religion may initiate an argument rather than a normal dialogue. In this paper, worldview of Taliban together with analysis of some of the traditions or practices of Talibans and its impact on them and other people of the world will be discussed.

The worldview of Taliban is relatively controversial since most of the scholars oppose the rational underpinnings of the Taliban view. According to the Taliban, men and women are supposed to participate differently or in more specific way within the society. According to Taliban, women should remain covered up if they are outside their homes.

2 Moreover, according to them it is not right for women to get engaged in any employment rather only men should work outside of the house and womens' job is to attend their children and family, their main purpose of life is to cook for their family and clean their houses etc. However, scholars believe that most of the Taliban and their followers do not actually read and follow actual preachings of Islamic Holy Book, Quraa'n. For instance, according to Islamic scholars their Islamic holy book, Quraa'n does not preach such extreme segregation of women and men in their roles, rights or power.

Due to extremist behaviours of the Taliban, Islam currently has a disadvantage compared to many other religions in the world today. Many of theses disadvantages are due to terrorist related activities and attacks. With this in mind one...