"Taliban Man at Yale"

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"Are there no limits to how arrogant and out-of-touch America's Ivy League schools can get?" This is how the writer of this article feels about these Ivy League schools, especially about Yale. Most of his discomfort is because the Ivy League schools continue to refuse the ROTC training from its campus and also military recruiters. His main focus in the article is to show how Mr. Rahmatullah was a former deputy secretary of the Taliban and was still accepted in this university when other thousands of well qualify Americans and also Afghans would dream of an opportunity like this but will never get the chance. I think the author feels that is simply being a hypocrite letting a man that could be a threat for this country be educated in one of the best schools in the world perhaps.

I think that because Mr. Rahmatullah had served as a high Taliban official does not mean he would be involved in some kind of plot against anybody.

He would more likely begin to understand our culture and all our different beliefs we have in this country. The writer of this article is; I think stereotyping cultures on his behalf and, that's not fair. For Mr. Rahmatullah is a great accomplishment to get into such a great college, it should be an honor for him and he should be grateful of being there. Even though the writer does believe, that how could he a member of the Taliban get in this school when other people maybe more prepared than him are rejected.

Mr. Rahmatullah in the present day says that he "regrets serving as a high Taliban official and has rejected their hatred of the west". I think this should takes us into thinking that he has now a more...