Talk about how an incident made you turn over a new leaf

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It all started when my mother left us that night when I was only ten.

I could still remember that night vividly. My mum screaming at my father hysterically, and my father sitting on the floor of the bathroom, too stoned to understand what was going on. That was the last straw for my mother. The next thing I knew, she was running out of the door with a suitcase in hand, weeping uncontrollably. I remember looking at my father, from the small corner that I was hiding in, and all that time, he was in the bathroom, with a dreamy look on his face. Till now, I had never forgiven my mother for not bringing me along with her, leaving me to live with my good-for-nothing father.

Ever since my mother left us, I had to live alone with my father. Life was hard as my father could not keep a job for long with that drug habit of his.

I had to work part-time as a waitress to help with the bills and also to keep the food on the table. Not surprisingly, I dropped out from school when I was fifteen, as I simply could not concentrate on my studies, being too tired after working late night-shifts to stay awake during lessons. It was during my stint as a waitress at a restaurant when I met Jack, who was working as a waiter there too. I hit it off with him right away and began a relationship. It was him who was able to comfort me when I was unhappy. It was also him who gave me encouragement and support when I was in the lowest points of my life. However, it was also him who led me to drugs.

I was apprehensive...