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A team consists of a diverse group of individuals who share the task of decision-making and are linked for a common purpose. In order for a team to achieve given tasks and become a running team, the individual team members' strengths and weaknesses must be identified and used appropriately. To accomplish this, open communication must be present to allow for constructive opinions and suggestions. Each team member must also be motivated and desire to accomplish the tasks set forth. A commitment to teamwork is essential to compete in the changing business environment that exists today. Teamwork begins with the collaboration of people from different disciplines. Each member has to demonstrate courtesy to each of his teammates and respect the views of one another. All participants must be willing to share their ideas, but remain open minded while listening to the others express their thoughts even though they may be different from others.

An unbiased teammate can effectively critique or expand through discussing the ideas or views of other team members.

In order to create a successful team, members should be selected to a project and assigned specific roles based on skill level and experience. Assigning roles based on skill level will ensure that the strengths of each member are being used to create optimal results. This will allow each team member to recognize that his or her specific work contributed rather than a mere opinion that was used to complete the task. This will also alleviate the tendency for one individual to complete the majority of an assignment. A sense of completion is important for the continued success of a team. When selecting members for a project team it is important to imply those "based on all facets of the project" (Kerzner, 2006). Therefore, each team may have a wide...