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Individual Assignment

Self Reflection

My project team was one that is able to collaborate effectively, communicate well and focus on a task. The team dynamic was very positive, enthusiastic and productive. However, there were hurdles in the process that we had to work to get over. These included time management and avoiding distractions. My team was able to use its strongest characteristics and interdependence upon each other to overcome these problems and complete the task at hand.

The project team worked as a cohesive unit from the very start. At our first meeting, we went through a forming stage where we worked through a transition process involving mission analysis and planning. We discussed the project requirements and how to effectively complete the task based on each other's strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Then the team began to research and investigate ideas to include in the report. These action processes caused some conflict since the report was a limited length, and we had to decide on the most important and noteworthy information.

This storming stage was short-lived and we quickly progressed into the norming and performing stages of team development. We soon realized that we were short on time so we made definite plans to facilitate and organize virtual meetings.

Subsequent to the punctuated equilibrium, we began to have Skype meetings often and used Google Docs to collaboratively type up the report while offering recommendations and making corrections through a 4-way Skype call. We found that this method worked extremely well for our team, since when we attempted to work together in person, distractions were inevitable and productivity would be stunted. Using mainly a virtual interface, allowed for a very comprehensive interdependence where all members contributed, interacted and collaborated simultaneously. We shared a high degree of goal interdependence to get the...