Technological utopianism in terms of its philosophical foundations

Essay by evanslim July 2005

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Ever since the industrial revolution, technology has been continually accelerating so much so that the world will become increasingly interconnected. As the technological age advances, everything from online shopping to an endless variety of accessible information will be connected to and available in a huge network. This multi-layered, interwoven worldwide network - known as the superhighway - will undeniably take over everything and change the way we live life, as we know it today. The superhighway phenomenon will supersede all realms of everyday living, from school to work to play. As the demand for better lifestyles continues to rise, so will the demand for newer and better technology increase. The hope of attaining this technological utopia where dreams are fulfilled and visions coming true, are becoming a tangible reality, moreover coupled with the fact that everything can be accomplished without having to leave the comfort of one's home. All one will need to accomplish this is to be linked up on the superhighway, and any information or duties that one needs to perform will be available at his or her fingertips.

One of the major benefactors of this technological advancement is the collective body of education, be it in the primary, secondary or tertiary avenues. With the development of the superhighway, the role of the schools will no longer be the same. As evident from the growing trend today, many universities have already adopted on-line courses as an integral option of their education system. Because this system transcends time and space, students the world over can, with the adequate computer skills and qualifications, attain their education from the best institutions physically miles apart, and with marked decrease in costs, as well. Furthermore, the complications of distance learning can be successfully overcome by using computers that will be...