Technology in Health Care

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Technology in Health Care

The technology usage in health, has positive and negative facts. Nursing education and health care agencies use technology to increase learning and improve health care. The use of technology in nursing education include the basis of word processing to using multimedia presentations to simulate actual patient care situations. Nursing students must take a computer adaptive test and pass to obtain the license. There are standardized nursing care plans that can be accessed from computers and also computerized printed medication sheets. Health care agencies also use the technology used in nursing education to keep staff updated.

The NCLEX (National Council's Licensing Examination) uses computer adaptive test which involves current computer technology and measurement theory. As the individual takes the exam the computer adapts the testing to the individuals ability. N.C. developed computerized tracking of licensed nurses to access data about nurses, this eliminate the need for nurses to be licensed in every state they work.

Computer usage is still evolving but sending information to patients and receiving physician's orders by e-mail are developing.

The computer usage in health care agencies has positive and negative points of view. Some of the positive views are that nurses have been hesitant to use computers, because of the perceived increase in their work occurring. Also ventilators today are computers that need to be programmed with particular data about the patient and gives data about the patient. For the positive things, we also have that telemedicine is growing each year with discovery of nursing responsibilities changing as access to this technology increases. Computerized standardized care plans are easier to read and changes can be inserted with identification of the nurse making changes. But not everything is positive, there are some negative facts, like the limitations of computer usage is the nursing population,